Grown up among goons, lived by eating bread for one time, big dreams made the world’s deadly batsman

Kieron Pollard: Kieron Pollard, the dangerous all-rounder of West Indies and Mumbai Indians, has turned 35 today i.e. on May 12. Kieron Pollard is one of the greatest batsmen of T20 cricket. Kieron Pollard has a total of 11,571 runs in this format of cricket.

Being the best cricketer has not been easy at all

Kieron Pollard holds the record for scoring one century and 56 half-centuries in T20 cricket. There are discussions everywhere in the world cricket of Kieron Pollard, but it has not been easy for him to become such a great cricketer.

lived by eating bread for a while

Please tell that after the birth of Kieron Pollard, his father left him and his mother alone. After this, it was the mother who raised Kieron Pollard. The conditions of the house were so bad that Pollard and his mother had to make a living by eating bread for one time.

grew up among goons

Pollard spent his childhood living in the Tacarigua area of ​​Port of Spain, where there was always a shadow of hooligans and criminals. Crimes related to things like murder, robbery, drugs and ganja were used in this area, but Pollard did not give up and became a successful cricketer by living in a similar environment.

Started working hard to play cricket from the age of 15

Pollard himself has disclosed this in one of his interviews. Pollard had said that even after seeing the crime around me, I never lost my attention and I started working hard to play cricket from the age of 15.

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