Gujarat has cut the ticket for the Playoffs, know who can take the remaining places among the 8 teams. Hindi News

IPL 2022 Playoffs Race: IPL 2022 is now slowly moving towards the playoff race. The team of Gujarat Titans has qualified for the playoffs with a 62-run win against Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) on Tuesday. While the team of Mumbai Indians has already been out of this race. At the same time, there is still a battle for 3 places in the remaining 8 teams. Let us know how many matches all the teams need to win to make it to the last 4.

1. Gujarat Titans

This team under the captaincy of Hardik Pandya has become the first team to qualify for the playoffs. With 9 wins in 12 matches, the team of Gujarat (GT) is on top of the table with 18 points. Gujarat now has to face CSK and RCB in the next two matches. This team would like to get 20 points by winning at least one of these two matches.

2. Lucknow Super Giants

After losing the previous match against Gujarat, the team of Lucknow (LSG) missed out on qualifying in the playoffs. With 8 wins in 12 matches, Lucknow’s team is at number two with 16 points. With a win, the team of Lucknow will also secure their place in the playoffs. In the next two matches, Lucknow will face Rajasthan Royals and KKR. If Lucknow wins the next two matches, then it is more likely to be in the top 2.

3. Rajasthan Royals

Apart from Gujarat and Lucknow, the team that has a chance to finish in the top 2 is Rajasthan Royals. Right now Rajasthan has three matches left and if they win all these then they will easily reach the top 2. Rajasthan has 14 points from 11 matches with 7 wins. Today Rajasthan has to face Delhi Capitals.

4. Royal Challengers Bangalore

RCB, still waiting for their first title in the IPL, have a good chance of winning the title this year. But before that this team will have to make it to the playoffs. With 7 wins from 12 matches, RCB are at the fourth position with 14 points. In the next two matches, RCB will face Punjab and Gujarat, so their eyes will be on winning both these matches. At the same time, RCB would like to win both these matches with a good margin as their run rate is in minus. The side of other teams is stronger in front of RCB.

5. A Sea Road to Delhi, Hyderabad and Punjab

Delhi, Hyderabad and Punjab have the same path to make it to the playoffs. Delhi have 10 points from 11 matches and if they win their next three matches then the difficulty for Punjab and Hyderabad can increase. Delhi is yet to play matches against Rajasthan, Punjab and Mumbai. Delhi’s run rate is also in plus, so they can benefit further.

On the other hand, if we talk about Sunrisers Hyderabad, then their condition is also like Delhi. Hyderabad also has 10 points in 11 matches. Hyderabad is yet to face KKR, Mumbai and Punjab in the next three matches. Hyderabad’s run rate is in minus, so they will have to win the rest of the matches to save their place.

Apart from this, the playoff path of the team of Punjab Kings is now seen in a bit of trouble. Punjab’s run rate is in minus and they have 10 points in 11 matches. In any case, Punjab will have to win their next three matches by a good margin. Punjab have to face RCB, Delhi and Hyderabad in their last three matches.

6. Almost impossible for KKR and CSK to make room

At the same time, it is almost impossible for KKR and CSK to get a place in the playoffs. While KKR have 10 points from 12 matches, CSK have only 8 points from 11 matches. Both these teams will be able to reach only 14 points after winning all their matches. In such a situation, only a miracle will be able to take these two teams to the last 4.

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