Hansie Cronje tainted cricketer who already predicted his death surprisingly true Sachin Tendulkar called him toughest to faced


Hansie Cronje is one of the most successful captains of South African cricket.
Cronje was banned for match-fixing two years before his death.

New Delhi. The day of June 1, 2002 was a very sad day in the international cricket world. On this day former South African captain Hansie Cronje died in a plane crash. At this time Cronje was only 32 years old. When the news of the death of Cronje, one of the world’s best captains, came, the whole world was shocked. He was on the Airquarius cargo flight that crashed on Cradock Peak in the Outeniqua mountain range. However, Hansie Cronje predicted this almost a decade before his death.

Hansie Cronje told his elder brother France about his death 10 years ago. France had disclosed about this in an interview given to BCC in 2012. France had told, “Cronie had seen his death long ago. He told me that – we keep on traveling continuously to play cricket. Sometimes by plane and I think I will die in a plane crash and I will go to heaven. This statement of Cronje from France proved to be true and he said goodbye to this world in the plane crash itself.
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Why called infamous cricketer
Two years before his unfortunate death in 2000, Hansie Cronje confessed to match-fixing, due to which he was banned for life. Cronje had admitted that he had taken money from an Indian bookie to fix the match. His confession shook the entire cricket world. The Delhi Police was probing an extortion case when they came across a tape that eventually unearthed the scam. After initially denying the allegations of fixing, Cronje admitted his role to a commission of inquiry in South Africa.

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Sachin Tendulkar also used to fear
Hansie Cronje was considered one of the best players in the world of spin bowling. Cronje has dismissed master blaster Sachin Tendulkar 3 times in 32 ODIs and 5 times in 11 Test matches. Sachin Tendulkar has publicly revealed many times that Cronje used to harass him. Sachin Tendulkar has admitted many times that he used to shy away from facing Hansie Cronje. Sachin had said that he could face Allan Donald, Shaun Pollock, for some reason or the other Cronje used to get out on his ball. In such a situation, he started feeling that when Cronje came to bowl, he should also be a non-striker.

Hansie Cronje Career
Hansie Cronje scored 3714 runs in 68 Test matches for South Africa and took 43 wickets. He scored 5565 runs in 188 ODIs and took 114 wickets. Cronje has scored 6 centuries and 23 half-centuries in his career.

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