Happy B’day KL Rahul: How KL Rahul turned Indian star from Rohan because of father’s mistake

New Delhi. KL Rahul dominates IPL 2022. Under his captaincy, Lucknow Super Giants is performing amazingly. KL is the name of Rahul, who gives hope even in the out-of-hand match. Rahul is celebrating his 30th birthday today i.e. on 18th April. The day after his birthday, he will take the field against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Rahul has earned his name, but few people know that he got this name by mistake.

Due to a mistake of his father, he got the name Rahul. Actually KL Rahul’s father was a big fan of Sunil Gavaskar and he also wanted to name his son after Sunil Gavaskar’s son Rohan. When KL Lokesh was naming his son, he forgot that Gavaskar’s son’s name is Rohan not Rahul and he named his son Rahul.

Father wanted to see son become an engineer
Rahul’s father had a dream that his son should become an engineer. He was also brilliant in studies, but something else was written in luck. Rahul had to make a name for himself on the field of sports and from the age of 11, he started taking cricket seriously. After this, he started his first class career for Karnataka in 2010.

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Rahul is the only batsman in all three formats to score a century with a six. He made his Test debut against Australia in 2014, ODI and T20 cricket against Zimbabwe in 2016. He has 2 thousand 547 runs in 43 International Test matches, 1634 runs in 42 ODIs and 1831 runs in 56 T20 matches.

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