Hardik Pandya is not happy even after winning the IPL under his captaincy! How did you make a comeback – your own story

New Delhi. Hardik Pandya has returned to Team India from the South Africa series after the T20 World Cup last year. In the first T20 held in Delhi, he also showed his skills with the bat. He was out of the Indian team for 6 months due to injury. However, from IPL 2022, he had returned to the cricket field. But, has now returned to Team India. How did he regain the fitness he lost while being left out of the team? What did you sacrifice for him? Hardik disclosed this in a conversation with BCCI TV.

Hardik told that the last 6 months have been full of ups and downs for me. He said, “I am very excited to be back in Team India. Playing for the country has always been special. Coming back to the team after such a long time, this is also an opportunity for me to show what I worked hard for in the last 6 months. No one is happier than doing good for their country.

Not very happy even after doing special: Hardik

This Indian all-rounder made Gujarat Titans the champion of the league in the debut season of IPL under his captaincy. Since then, everyone is praising his captaincy. But, Hardik is not very happy about this success. He said on BCCI TV, “I have always worked sincerely and the results have always been good. That’s why whenever I do something special, I am not very happy. For me, the journey is worth more than the moment through which I have reached that destination.

‘My fight was not with anyone else, but with myself’

What did this all-rounder do to make a comeback in Team India? He also told during this conversation. Hardik said, “My fight had already started before the IPL. People were questioning us. There was already a lot of talk about my comeback. It was not necessary for me to answer those things. Because no one knows how much I struggled in 6 months when I was out of Team India. I used to get up at 5 in the morning. So that I can practice in the morning as well as in the evening. My schedule remained like this for 6 months. But now it’s a pleasure to see the result.”

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‘The Africa series important for the World Cup’

The T20 World Cup is to be held at the end of this year. Pandya feels that the five T20 series against South Africa will prove to be important in terms of preparation for the World Cup. He said, “Every match and series is as important for a player as the previous match. World Cup is the goal for me. But, the South Africa series is the right platform for his preparation. For me this series is a better chance to prove myself. My role must have changed. I am not the captain of the team nor will I bat in the upper order. This will be what Hardik is known for.”

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