hardik pandya made a comeback in Team India after 6 months he match changes in a few balls india vs south africa all rounder |Indian Team: This player made a comeback in Team India after 6 months, changes match in few balls

Indian Team: Hardik Pandya has returned to Team India after a long time by performing well in IPL 2022. Now Hardik Pandya has told the secret of his return. Under Hardik’s captaincy, Gujarat Titans won the IPL 2022 title. Hardik showed a wonderful game with ball and bat.

Told the secret of return

Hardik Pandya said, ‘I was happy. It was about winning a battle against a lot of myself and a lot of other things. Winning the IPL and even qualifying for the playoffs was a big thing for me because a lot of people doubted us. He said, ‘Initially, a lot of people doubted our ability. Many people raised many questions too. A lot of things were said even before my return.

Hardik followed strict discipline

Speaking further, Hardik Pandya said, ‘It was never to answer them. I am proud of the process that I have followed. No one knows what phase I went through in those six months when I was out. I would get up at five in the morning so that I could train. For four months, I used to sleep till 9:30 in the night, so made a lot of sacrifices.

The goal is to win the world

Hardik said, ‘It was a battle that I fought before IPL. I have always worked hard in my life and it has always given me the results I wanted. He also said that the ongoing series against South Africa is the ideal platform to get into the rhythm for the upcoming T20 World Cup.

role will change

Hardik Pandya said, ‘Whatever series or match you play to reach the tournament, it is important. So for me the World Cup is the target, it is the right platform to get into the rhythm. It is always very important to stay in the rhythm. Hardik said, ‘My role will change here. I am not the captain. I will not play higher up the batting order. This will again be the return of the same Hardik I am known for.

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