Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Hardik Pandya official statement I voluntarily went to Mumbai Airport Customs to declare the items brought by me – Latest Cricket News – Hardik Pandya’s statement about being stopped by customs department, said

Team India’s star all-rounder Hardik Pandya has issued his statement regarding being stopped by the Customs Department. Hardik Pandya mentioned two important things in his statement that the watch was not confiscated from him, after reaching Mumbai airport from Dubai, he himself went to the customs department and handed over his watch. Secondly, the price of the watch is not five crore rupees but about one and a half crore rupees. Hardik Pandya has given his point through Twitter. On Monday, news came that when Hardik reached Mumbai airport, the customs department confiscated two watches worth more than five crores from him.

Media reports claimed that Hardik did not have the bill for those watches and had not even declared it in his luggage. After the news came to the media on Monday, Hardik released his statement on Tuesday morning through Twitter. He wrote, ‘When I returned from Dubai early in the morning of November 15, after picking up my luggage, I personally went to the customs counter, to declare the things that I had brought from there and I paid the required customs duty. False news is being spread on social media.

He further wrote, ‘I declared all the goods brought with me, which I had bought from Lawful Dubai and agreed to pay whatever duty would have been imposed on those goods. Let me tell you that the customs department asked me for the documents to buy the goods, and they were submitted. The customs department is evaluating the duty of these goods and I have already said that whatever duty is there, I will pay it. The cost of the watch is around Rs 1.5 crore and not Rs 5 crore as is being claimed on social media.

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