Harmanpreet kaur once rejected for Constable became Punjab police DSP Struggle Story ICC Womens T20 World cup 2023


Harmanpreet Kaur hits half-century in semi-finals of Women’s T20 World Cup
Australia beat India in semi-finals of Women’s T20 World Cup

New Delhi. The Indian cricket team once again missed out on winning the World Cup. But, captain Harmanpreet Kaur played a brilliant innings in the semi-final against Australia. Harmanpreet Kaur played an inning of 52 runs in 34 balls while chasing the target of 173 runs. But unfortunately she was run out and the match turned. Harmanpreet Kaur is the captain of Team India today. But, there was a time when despite his good performance, his father had to listen to taunts for the police job.

Harmanpreet Kaur did amazing batting in the 2017 Women’s ODI World Cup. In the semi-finals of that tournament, Harmanpreet scored an unbeaten 171 off 115 balls against Australia. After this, he played an inning of 51 runs in the final against England as well. It is a different matter that India lost the title match by 9 runs. But Harmanpreet Kaur had won everyone’s heart with her performance. At that time, the Punjab government had offered Harmanpreet Kaur the job of DSP. Along with this, there was also a cash prize of Rs 5 lakh.

Father had to listen to taunts regarding Harmanpreet
With hard work and luck, this same Harmanpreet Kaur yearned for a constable job in Punjab Police and after the 2017 World Cup, she was made DSP. To fulfill the daughter’s dream, the father pleaded with senior police officers several times. He told the minister and the officers about the game of the daughter. But, in the beginning no one paid attention to his words.

Was out of the ODI World Cup, played with children to make a comeback, had drained the lives of kangaroos, just…

The World Cup was won 25 days ago, now the ‘captain’ has drowned Lutias, may the team be discharged?

Harmanpreet lined up a job on the basis of her talent
Once a senior officer of the Punjab Police had irritatedly told his father that Harbhajan Singh is your friend, make him DSP directly. But Harmanpreet turned this taunt into reality with her performance and talent. First, the Railways recognized his talent and gave him a job, and after the 2017 World Cup, the Punjab government also made him DSP like Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh. However, later there was a controversy regarding Harmanpreet’s degree. But, his talent cannot be underestimated by this.

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