Have you also received calls from a strange number on Whatsapp? Big scam going on!

Have you received calls on the instant messaging platform Whatsapp from numbers starting with +1 (217), +62 or +232? This matter has created uproar everywhere. Usually, you will definitely get missed calls from these types of numbers on the phone of the person you will talk to. Seeing these numbers, if they do not seem to be Indians, then it is bound to be that they can be foreigners. In such a situation, there is a fear in the minds of the people that there might be some scam. Here we are telling you in detail what is the truth of this missed call scam running on WhatsApp.


As of now, no case of fraud has come to our knowledge, and everyone told that normal missed calls were received and WhatsApp missed calls were received three times in a row on my phone itself. Let us tell you that in the past also such video calls have come on WhatsApp, in which someone calls naked in front and then blackmails by threatening to make his screen shot viral. Apart from this, a scam claiming to offer job by posing as HR of a company in WhatsApp chat is also very much discussed. In both these cases, users’ data can be stolen.


If you get a message on WhatsApp from the alleged HR of a company, then you should not give any kind of information to them and avoid clicking on any link. You can block unknown numbers by not answering them. If you get calls from these types of numbers, then you should immediately report them on WhatsApp and also register your complaint in cyber cell immediately on any kind of scam.

There is a war going on on Twitter too regarding this WhatsApp scam. Recently Gaurav Munjal, co-founder of Unacadmey Tweet What is this happening on WhatsApp, so much spam, so much.

Whatsapp missed call scam

Ever since the mobile phone came, scam calls and spam messages have also started since then. But with the passage of time, as the phones advanced, the methods of scamming also changed. Recently, scams on the instant messaging app Whatsapp are increasingly affecting people. The worst thing about this scam is that users don’t even pick up the call and they get scammed or the data gets leaked. That is, only a missed call can put you in trouble.

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