Have you seen the earth rotating at the speed of 1674 km/h captured in the camera? Video going viral on social media

We all must have heard or read this thing from an early age that the earth rotates on its axis like a top. It revolves around the sun like a top, which takes 365 days and a few hours. Where the seasons change due to the rotation of the sun, on the other hand night and day are made by rotating on its own axis. You will be surprised to know that the earth rotates on its axis at a speed of 1674 kilometers per hour. Despite having such a high speed, we do not get shocked nor do we know that it is moving. But now a video related to this is going viral on social media in which the earth is shown rotating.

A video is becoming very viral on Twitter, in which the process of Earth’s rotation on its own axis has been shown. The scene seen in this video is really surprising. Seeing this, you can get an idea that with how fast the earth rotates, we neither get jolted, nor are we thrown out of the earth, because its gravity is so strong that we stay on the earth. The video itself is amazing. You also see-

As you can see, the video was posted by an account called Buitengebieden. About 35 lakh people have seen this video so far and have been convinced of it. In this, the earth is seen rotating, which seems impossible to capture in the camera while standing on the earth itself, but the person recording the video has done this amazingly. The video is only 19 seconds long, but looking at it, it seems as if the universe has stopped and the Earth is rotating rapidly in it. Timelapse has been used in this video. That is, things have moved at a very fast pace.

In the video, the Earth is seen moving in the backward direction from the Sun. It is mentioned in the video that a gyroscopic camera has been used to record it. The video has been liked by 17 lakh people. It is being said that the video was captured by Eric Brummel of San Francisco who is a great photographer. On watching the video, it really seems like a magical world in which we are living but we cannot see how fast our world is actually rotating.

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