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HBD DARRELL HAIR Darrell hair one of the mostcontroversial umpires in the history of cricket

New Delhi. Australia’s Darrell HAIR officiated in more than 200 international matches. But he was one of the controversial umpires of the world. He stopped Sri Lanka’s legendary spinner Muttiah Muralitharan from bowling on the charge of chucking, while on the other hand the Pakistan team was fined for tampering with the ball during the Test match. Due to the controversies, the ICC had to ban him from umpiring. Asian teams used to be unhappy with him. Today is Darrell Heyer’s birthday. He has turned 69 years old.

Darrell Hare was a clerk in the New South Wales Railway. He was later transferred to Sydney due to his game. He played as a fast bowler for North Sydney. But due to low interest and injury, he stopped playing at the age of 33. But stay connected with the game. He passed the umpire’s examination in 1985 and entered first-class cricket as an umpire in 1988. He once said that he had chosen umpiring because of not having much money in the job.

First chance against India in Test

Darrell Heyer started umpiring in international cricket in December 1991. But he got his first chance in Test cricket in January 1992 in the fourth Test against India and Australia in Adelaide. Their dispute started from the very first match. 8 times he gave out LBW to Indian players, while twice he rejected the appeal of the Indians. The next day he made the rule of one short ball in every over. Many of his decisions went against the Indian players.

Muralitharan stopped from bowling

One of the most controversial decisions of his career was to stop Muttiah Muralitharan from bowling. In 1995 match against Australia and Sri Lanka in Melbourne, he gave 7 no-balls in 3 overs to off-spinner Muralitharan, that too on the charge of chucking. On the other hand, Steve Dunn of New Zealand, umpiring at the other end, had no problem with Muralitharan. Sri Lankan captain Arjuna Ranatunga had also gone out of the field with the team for this reason. Although they returned later. Muralitharan was later acquitted of the charge of chucking.

Pakistan team was accused of molestation

In 2006, a major incident happened during the Test between England and Pakistan at the Oval. On the fourth day, Darrell Heyer imposed a five-run fine on the Pakistan team, alleging ball tampering. The Pakistan team decided not to take the field after the controversy over this decision after the T. Although the team came on the field later, but by then the umpire had declared England the winner. Heyer was still justifying his decision.

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In 2006, the ICC finally banned Darrell Hair from umpiring. Three months after being suspended, he spoke of filing a case against the ICC and PCB, alleging racial discrimination. However, he later dropped the issue. After this the ICC told that Hair will be involved in the development program for 6 months. However, after his return, he resigned from the ICC and umpiring only after 2 matches.

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