HBD Maninder Singh: Talent like Bishan Singh Bedi, career ended at just 27 years old

New Delhi.
When Maninder Singh started his career as a left arm spinner with the Indian cricket team, the cricket world had high hopes from him. Seeing his talent, he was seen as the successor of the great bowler Bishan Singh Bedi. But Maninder Singh’s career ended at the age of just 27. Today is Maninder Singh’s birthday. Born on 13 June 1965, Maninder has turned 57 years old.

Debut against Pakistan
Maninder Singh made his debut against Pakistan in the year 1982-83. At the time of debut, his age was 17 years 193 days. At that time, he was the youngest player to make his Test debut for India. Maninder Singh played 35 test matches for India.

Test and ODI career
Maninder Singh took 88 wickets in Test cricket for India and during this his average was 37. At the same time, in 59 ODIs, he has 66 wickets in his name. He performed brilliantly in the early part of his career but he could not sustain this performance and due to this he was dropped from the Indian team. He played his last match in the year 1993. At that time his age was only 27 years. He was the last batsman to be dismissed in the Madras Test match against Australia. The match was tied with his wicket.

Maninder Singh in controversy
After being away from cricket, Maninder Singh got addicted to alcohol and often his name kept coming in controversies. In the year 2007, Delhi Police also arrested him for possession of cocaine. It was alleged by the police that 1.5 grams of cocaine has been recovered from his house. After this, he was acquitted in the year 2012. He was admitted to the hospital in the year 2007 itself. Due to the cut on the wrist, news came in the media that he tried to commit suicide. However, Maninder denied this and said that due to some accident, his wrist was injured.

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