HDFC Data Breach Personal Information of 6 Lakh Customers Leaked on Dark Web Bank Denied Claims All Details

Cyber ​​scam cases are increasing rapidly in India. Scammers and hackers are trying new ways everyday to dupe people. A recent report had claimed that a big data leak containing personal information of over 6 lakh users of popular bank HDFC has been leaked. The report also claims that the data has been put up for sale by hackers on the dark web. However, HDFC Bank has now debunked the claim after the report spread on the internet.

In a report by Privacy Affairs, citing a dark web account, it has been claimed that the data of 6 lakh users of HDFC has been leaked, in which the personal information of those users has also been said to be there. In this leaked data, name, email address, physical address and many other sensitive financial information have been claimed to be present.

However, later HDFC Bank shared a statement on its official Twitter handle, refuting this claim of data leak. The tweet read, “We would like to state that there has been no data leak at HDFC Bank and our systems have not been breached or accessed in any unauthorized manner. We trust our systems. However, we We take the data security of our customers very seriously and will continue to monitor the bank’s systems and our ecosystem to ensure the highest standards of data security.”

Not only this, according to the report, several users have noticed several things on Twitter which indicate that hackers have been trying to target HDFC Bank customers for some time now. The hackers had allegedly created a fake handle of HDFC Bank on Twitter, and from that account they were replying to tweets from customers complaining about the bank on Twitter.

At the same time, a user allegedly claimed and also shared a screenshot on Twitter that he was seeing a phishing message, which was not the official one, when he opened the official HDFC Bank app.

In response, the service manager of HDFC Bank advised people not to share their personal information on social media.

He wrote, “Remember, bank never asks for PAN details, OTP, UPI VPA / MPIN, Customer ID & Password, Card Number, ATM PIN & CVV. Please do not share your personal details with anyone.”

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