‘He is making allegations for cheap popularity and money’, Afridi’s counterattack on ‘younger brother’ Kaneria

New Delhi. Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has claimed that leg-spinner Danish Kaneria is doing this to gain cheap popularity and money. Kaneria had recently accused Afridi of discrimination on religious grounds in an interview given to the Indian News Agency. He had said that Afridi used to treat him badly just because of that. Because being a Hindu, he used to play cricket for Pakistan.

In an interview given to news agency IANS, Kaneria had named Shoaib Akhtar and said, “He was the first player in the Pakistan team, who spoke publicly about the bad treatment being meted out to me. However, later due to all-round pressure, he also stopped speaking on this issue. But it is true that this happened to me under Afriri’s captaincy. He always bothered me. We used to play for the same department. He deliberately kept me sitting on the bench and did not allow me to play ODI tournaments.

Afridi was jealous of me: Kaneria
The former leg-spinner further said in this interview, “Afridi was the only person who used to instigate other players against me. I was performing well and he was jealous of me. I am proud that I played for Pakistan. I am thankful for that.”

Why Kaneria kept quiet for 15-20 years: Afridi
A week after Kaneria’s sensational allegations, Afridi broke his silence and questioned the former leg-spinner’s interview with the Indian media. Afridi told news.com.pk. Said in a conversation with, “The person who is saying all this, look at his character. He is making such allegations against me with the intention of gaining cheap popularity and earning money. Kaneria was like my younger brother and I also played departmental cricket with him for many years.

Afridi questioned the timing of Kaneria’s allegations and said that why did Kaneria remember all these things only after 15-20 years.

‘I was bad, so why didn’t Kaneria complain to PCB?’
Afridi further said, “Everybody knows about Kaneria’s character. If my attitude was bad, why didn’t he complain to the Pakistan Cricket Board or the department he was playing for? He is giving interviews to our enemy country, who can incite religious sentiments.” There has been no response from Kaneria till now on Afridi’s counterattack.

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Kaneria took 261 Test wickets
Danish Kaneria was the highest wicket-taker in Test cricket for Pakistan. He took 261 wickets in 61 matches. He also took 15 wickets in 18 ODIs for Pakistan. Kaneria has not played international cricket since 2010. He was suspended by the Pakistan Cricket Board after allegations of spot-fixing. On the other hand, Afridi had said goodbye to international cricket in 2017.

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