He used to hide his school bag outside the house and run away to play the match, if he was caught then his mother would have saved him, today he is the unique diamond of Pakistan.


Pakistan’s young player tells the story of his making of a cricketer
This bowler has done the feat of taking 5 wickets in Test at the youngest.

New Delhi. Pakistan has had good fast bowlers in every era of cricket. The series that started with Sarfaraz Nawaz, Imran Khan has reached Shaheen Shah Afridi. Even in the current era, Pakistan has such fast bowlers, who can single-handedly win the team. One such pacer is Naseem Shah. Even though he is 20 years old. But, today Naseem is counted among the best young fast bowlers in the world. He made his first class debut at the age of 15 and played Test for Pakistan after one year i.e. at the age of 16.

Naseem Shah made his Test debut in 2019 against Australia in Brisbane. However, it was painful for him. Because his mother had died in Pakistan a night before his Test debut. Despite losing his mother, Naseem Shah entered the fray. Naseem is the youngest bowler to take 5 wickets in Test history. Also, in his third Test itself, he did the charisma of taking a hat-trick at the youngest against Bangladesh.

I became a cricketer because of my mother: Naseem
His mother has had a big hand in making Naseem a cricketer. Father wanted Naseem to focus on studies. But, after Naseem 5th class, Naseem started getting interested in cricket. Recently, in an interview given to Sama TV, Naseem explained the role of his mother in becoming a cricketer and the reason why his father used to stop him from playing.

‘Mother secretly used to give money for cricket’
Naseem had said in this interview, “I was good in studies. But, after the fifth class, I became obsessed with cricket. Our school was adjacent to the house. We used to reach school late many times for cricket. Not only this, many times Taham used to hide his school bag outside the house and go to play tap ball matches and on his return he used to secretly pick up the bag and come home. But, it happened many times that Abbu caught us. Then Ammi used to save us and used to say that it was school break, in which they had come out. Not only this, mother used to secretly give us money to buy balls.

Abbu wanted me to concentrate on studies
This Pakistani bowler further said, “Abbu never used to give money. Because they knew that we would buy tape or ball with this money. Whereas, mother used to give us money secretly from father. He did not know much about cricket. She just used to secretly give money for our happiness. If she didn’t support, I might not have been able to play cricket.”

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Naseem Shah’s Abu Abbas Shah shared an interesting anecdote in this interview that when he felt that the son would become a cricketer. Actually, he had sent Naseem to Lahore for cricket training. Once he went to Lahore to meet Naseem. There he saw some boys standing in the academy. He asked why you guys are standing here. Then one of the boys said that a boy (Naseem) has come here from Deer, we have stopped here to watch his bowling. On the same day I was convinced that Naseem has talent and he will play for Pakistan one day.

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