Heated debate on Makad run out in Under-19 T20 World Cup, R Ashwin again silenced the critics


R Ashwin again broke the silence regarding Makad run out.
Venkatesh Prasad supported the Makad run out rule.

New Delhi. Makad run out has become a topic of much discussion in the cricket world. Last year, Team India women’s player Deepti Sharma had dismissed Charlie Dean against England in ODI cricket. After which many veterans keep giving their respective reactions regarding this rule. At the same time, every time after such an incident, Team India’s experienced spin master R Ashwin does not shy away from jumping into this debate. Something similar has been seen once again in the Under-19 T20 Women’s World Cup.

Actually, during the match between Pakistan and Rwanda, Pakistan’s fast bowler Jaib-un-Nisa took advantage of this rule. He made Rwanda’s batsman walk on non-striker only. Since then, this issue has got air again on Twitter. Former Australian veteran Mark Waugh expressed disappointment over this dismissal. Along with this, he also criticized this rule. After which former Indian cricketer Venkatesh Prasad first came forward against his tweet. After that, Ashwin ridiculed the critics of Makad run out through a video.

Teams are following this rule with a plan – Mark Waugh

Mark Waugh, while criticizing the mock-out, wrote, ‘The worst thing is that it seems to be. Teams are using this as a deliberately planned way to get wickets. At the same time, Ian Bishop also raised his voice about this rule, he wrote, ‘How difficult is it to stay in your crease till the ball is released? Seriously, how hard is that to do?’

Ian Bishop Tweet

While replying to Mark Waugh, Venkatesh Prasad wrote, ‘Yes exactly, bowlers planning to get a player out by legal means is the worst thing. The batsman wants to take undue advantage by not staying back in the crease, this is the best thing.

Mark Waugh Tweet

Ashwin reacted to the video

R Ashwin reacted to a video which was shared by a user. The user wrote, ‘Skill should be required to get the batsman out. Such cricket is not good. After which Ashwin, replying to the critics of Marked Out through that video, wrote, ‘The oppressed community called “bowlers” please wake up.’

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