Held the bat at the age of wearing a diaper, the laborers practiced in the fields, Punjab carved Gujarat’s diamond


Gujarat Titans beat Mumbai to make it to the final
Defending champion will face Chennai on Sunday

New Delhi. At the age when the little ones could not even walk and run properly, they could not even speak clearly, at that delicate and new threshold of age, a child had started tying the knots of himself and India’s golden future in a desi nappy. Shubman Gill, who single-handedly pushed the 5-time record champion Mumbai Indians away from the door of the final with his third IPL century, started ‘acting’ by swinging the bat at the age of 3.

At the age of wearing diapers, Shubman Gill used to watch the batsmen on TV and imitate their style of playing shots. It was from here that Shubman’s father Lakhwinder Singh took the responsibility of becoming a jeweler for his son. Reliving the memories of his childhood cricket, Shubman told in an interview that father Lakhwinder Singh himself has been a big fan and player of cricket. When he used to watch the match on TV, he used to show Shubman along with him. When Shubman started imitating the shots of the batsmen empty handed, the father decided to make this pearl a diamond. After this Shubman got a short bat.

Shubman Gill tied the ball with a thick thread and started practicing to hit it with the bat in a straight line. Seeing the shot being played in a straight line by the son, the father started making Shubman batting practice by getting balls from the laborers working in his fields, who are called Siri in Punjab.

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Shubman laid the foundation of his career while practicing bowling with laborers in the fields on the land of Punjab. Shubman’s fast batting has made new ways of victory for India as well as for Gujarat Titans in IPL in the last 2 years.

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