Hero Electric scooter caught fire, see photo

A new case of fire has come to light in Hero Electric company’s Photon electric scooter. The incident happened last week, Wednesday, a video of which is being shared on social media. In this, the rear part of the scooter is completely burnt and destroyed. This is not the first case of an electric scooter catching fire. Even before this, electric scooters of various companies have been set on fire. In the latest incident, a statement has also been issued by Hero Electric, in which the company says that the cause of the fire is a short circuit in the socket.

Several users on Twitter have shared a video of an electric scooter from Hero Electric, which shows the condition after the scooter caught fire. The scooter is being described as the Photon model. Only the front part is visible in this, and the rest of the scooter has been destroyed by burning. The incident is being told from Odisha.

Hero Electric told ET Auto on the incident Told That the accident happened due to a short circuit in the charging socket. The company said in the statement “When contacted, the customer reported that he heard unusual cracking sounds and found smoke coming from the electric switchboard of the house, which was next to the electric scooter, and sparks continuously falling on the floor, where a can of paint was lying. At that point the person went to switch off the main and came back to douse the fire. By this time, the fire had spread and the rear part of the scooter and some household items were burnt.”

The company further added “Our technology team later visited the spot and analyzed that the rear portion of the scooter was burnt and the most likely cause of the fire was short circuit and short circuit between AC phase and house wires.” Faulty fuse which should have cut off in case of such a short circuit. Adding the fire the company says “We have decided to replace the burnt parts on cost basis and to test the road worthiness of the refurbished scooter to the customer in any way Help is offered.”

Hero Electric is one of the oldest electric vehicle firms in the country and has sold over 450,000 units of its scooters in India. This is the first time that a Hero Electric scooter has been reported to have caught fire.

The ex-showroom price of Photon electric scooter in Delhi is Rs 80,490. It has a top speed of 45 kmph and has a range of 90 km on a single charge.

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