Hero Splendor electric conversion kit with 151 km range available for sale, know the price

Indian firm GoGoA1 has officially made the electric conversion kit for the Hero Splendor bike available for sale. The company had received approval for this kit from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) in April. Through this kit, any person can convert Hero Splendor bike into an electric bike. The kit comes with an electric motor of 2 kW capacity and a battery pack of 2.8 kWh capacity. Apart from this, regenerative braking system has also been included in it.

Hero Spendor Electric Conversion Kit by GoGoA1 price in india 37,700 onwards, while the battery pack and charging adapter will be sold separately. Rs 65,606 Have to give In this way, a total of Rs 1,03,306 (without adding GST) will have to be paid for the full electric kit.

As we mentioned, the kit gets a 2 kW capacity electric motor along with a battery pack with a capacity of 2.8 kWh. It is rear wheel hub motor with regenerative braking system. The setup also includes a DC-DC converter, new accelerator wiring, controller box with a key switch and a new swingarm. The company claims that its battery pack can give a range of 151 km on a full charge.

The conversion will be done at GoGoA1’s installation workshops across 36 RTO locations in India. Customers can convert their bike to electric after some minor documentation at the local RTO. After conversion, a new green number plate is issued to the bike, but the number remains the same as before.

While the electric conversion kit costs less, the double price for the battery pack separately makes the full kit cost more than many electric scooters in India.

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