History was created 84 years ago at Lord’s, cricket fans got the biggest gift

New Delhi. By the way, it is not known exactly when and between whom the first match of cricket was played. But, it has been more than 200 years since this game started. It is believed that this game started from England and then cricket reached the countries where England ruled. The first Test was played 145 years ago, that is, on 15 March 1877 in Melbourne, Australia. In these 145 years, many big changes took place in cricket. 6-day Test, five-day, then 60-over ODI started in white clothes. Then there was the entry of colorful clothes and floodlights, through TV and T20, this journey of cricket reached T10.

Today this game is reaching door to door through T20 cameras. But, there was a time when people used to listen to cricket commentary only on the radio. But, in 1938, there was a revolutionary change in this and for the first time the Test match between Australia and England reached people’s homes through TV. This change took place on this day i.e. June 24, 1938. Then for the first time people enjoyed live cricket match on television.

Its efforts had started from 1936 itself. But, the receivers were very expensive and the numbers were also less. The transmitter was installed at only one place in North London. However, the situation changed in 2 years and in June 1938, live telecast of the games started. First football, then tennis and then cricket reached people’s door-to-door through TV.

History was made on Lord’s ground
The historic ground of Lord’s became a witness to this big change in cricket and the teams of Australia and England were face to face. On June 24, at 11:29 minutes, almost 6 months after the birth of cricket-changer Carrie Packer, people saw the cricket match for the first time on TV. Australia’s Arnie McCormick bowled the first ball and English batsman Charlie Barnett faced it.

Live match was seen on TV 84 years ago
There was only one transmitter then, which was installed at Alexander’s Palace in North London. At that time only a few thousand people in London had TV sets and signals could reach their homes, which lived a few kilometers from Alexander’s Palace. Then people had black and white TV. This match was seen through him.

Live telecast of all the days of this test was done on TV. However, in the subsequent 84 years, the way of watching cricket has completely changed. Now cameras are installed at both ends. Hawk Eye, Stump Camera, Stump Mic, Snickometer have changed the way we watch sports on TV.

England bundled India’s innings for just 42 runs, it was the lowest score of Test for 46 years

The Test between Australia and England was a draw
Talking about the result of this earlier telecast live on TV, then this match was a draw. England had scored 494 runs in the first innings. In response, Australia’s first innings ended on 422 runs. England got a lead of 72 runs on the basis of the first innings. After this, England declared the second innings on the score of 242/8. In this way Australia got the target of 315 runs. But, by the end of the game on the last day of the Test, Australia scored 204 runs for the loss of 6 wickets. Thus the match ended in a draw.

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