Hockey World Cup 2023- Dutch players’ relatives reached the village of Dalits, spent time with the villagers, cooked food from the cook


Apart from sports, the families of the players are going to such villages, where hardly anyone wants to go.
Relatives of Dutch hockey stars hired a bus to travel to two villages near Puri
Local staff of an NGO in the Netherlands arranged a bus for their movement

Bhubaneswar, There is discussion all over the world about the ongoing Hockey World Cup (Hockey World Cup 2023) in Odisha state of India. However, apart from the thrill of the game, the families of the players are going to villages where hardly anyone wants to go. Away from the glare of the cities, the relatives of the star players of the Netherlands are spending time with the villagers by going to the Dalit villages of Odisha. According to the report of the Indian Express, the relatives of the Dutch hockey stars hired a bus and traveled to two villages near Puri, where they also took cooks with them.

It was told in the report that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraveling to Dalit villages came from Kathleen, a volunteer of an NGO (Indian Light Foundation) in the Netherlands. She was informed about these villages by another NGO worker of Surinamese-Indian background whom she had met just before leaving for India. He said that this non-profit organization works to provide clean water to villages apart from supplying medicines, supporting education and creating employment opportunities. He told this to the parents of the players who expressed their desire to accompany him to the village.

After this, about 20 of them, including the parents, girlfriends and wives of the players, joined them. The local employees of the organization arranged a bus for their movement. He hired cooks, who used to prepare food for him in the villages. The food was served in the traditional style on banana leaves.

Kathleen, mother of forward Terence Peters, said it was a life-changing experience. He explained that in the Netherlands, if you donate, you count on the fact that the money will not go anywhere else. But to be there, to see the people and how they live, how they struggle, is very impressive.

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