Honda MS01 electric moped with 65 km range launched, know price and features

Honda has launched an electric version of one of its existing mopeds, which will be available only in the Chinese market for the time being. The Honda MS01 electric moped is the electric version of the company’s popular Cub model. The company has reportedly said that around 5,000 units of this electric moped will be available for local delivery. It has been designed keeping in mind the short city trips. The company claims that it can run 65 km in a single charge.

Insideev’s accordingThe Honda MS01 has been launched in China for CNY 4,980 (roughly Rs. 59,000). The company says that this electric moped will be first sold in China. However, no information has been given about its availability in other markets at the moment.

The Honda MS01 electric moped is an affordable and durable option for short city trips. As we mentioned, its single charge range is 65 km. This electric two-wheeler has been jointly developed by Honda and Muji.

The Honda MS01 electric moped gets 17-inch size tubeless tyres, which will be able to handle all kinds of on-road riding. The MS01 gets a 400W hub-mounted motor, thanks to which this electric moped can reach a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour (16 mph). It also gets a regenerative EBS power system.

The company has fitted a 48V/20Ah capacity lithium battery pack in this moped. With a range of 65 km, the rider needs to charge it only once or twice a week if he does short city trips.

This moped comes with pedal-assist feature. It gets a U-shape body and the change of small bike pedals makes it easy to ride by riders of all sizes. The scooter gets conventional handlebars. It seems that in order to keep the price low, the company has not included much advanced and fancy features in this electric moped.

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