Honda to launch new small business jet with 11 seats around 2028 upgraded than HondaJet more details

Honda Motor Co. is going to make its new airplane. It will be a business jet with space for 11 people. The compact jet will be manufactured by US-based Honda Aircraft Co., which is a part of Honda Motor. Announcing about the business jet, the company said that it will soon receive certification from the US Aviation Authority to fly flights.

Honda Aircraft Co. Is going to prepare new business jets. This new airplane of the company will be bigger than HondaJet. The HondaJet has seating for 8 people, while the new business jet can seat 11 people. National Daily of Japan The Mainichi According to , this will be the company’s new commercial product which will be placed in the light jet category. Simply put, it will be an upgraded version of the HondaJet which will be fuel efficient. This will save fuel up to 20%. It has been said by the company that this new jet plane will be able to complete the flight of North America in one time fuel.

The company introduced it 2 years ago when the HondaJet 2600 Concept was unveiled in 2021. Although Honda Very little information has been shared about this new business jet from the side. Soon the company can share more information about its other features as well. It will be commercially available about 5 years from now. The company has plans to launch it in the market by 2028.

This upcoming upgraded version of HondaJet is just a matter of time away from launch. Till then other competitors in the market can also introduce their jet planes. In such a situation, it has to be seen that Honda offers it with some USP. Honda Aircraft Company was started in 2006. Company’s official website According to , its aim is to launch a more safe, more fuel efficient jet plane in the private aviation sector in the market.

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