Honda will launch more than 10 electric motorcycles by 2025! Will there be an EV version of the Activa as well? learn

Honda Motor is planning the global launch of more than 10 electric motorcycle models in the next 3 years. Claiming this on Tuesday, Japan’s leading auto company said that it aims to accelerate efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2040. Preparations for the launch of more than 10 electric two wheelers are going on, they can be brought in different segments. The company will also launch flex-fuel motorcycles by 2023.

reports Honda continues to dominate the global motorcycle market, but the growing popularity of electric vehicles has prompted people to switch to other brands, according to . Honda claims that the shift to electric means that the vehicles will become heavier and the prices will increase significantly.

In a statement, Honda also said that it aims to sell 1 million electric motorcycles every year for the next 5 years. The automaker also plans to sell 3.5 million electric motorcycles every year by 2030, which is about 15 percent of its total sales.

The company is developing solid-state batteries for its electric motorcycles, which will be used in all its e-motorbikes. Solid-state batteries for electric vehicles are known to have better efficiency and higher energy density than regular lithium-ion batteries.

reports According to the company, out of the 10 electric two wheelers that the company is planning to launch, some of them will also come to India. One of them will be an electric scooter whose name could be derived from the Activa. On the other hand, in terms of batteries, Honda is expected to pioneer the swappable battery technology in India and across the world.

As far as the flex fuel bike is concerned, there is a possibility of its entry in India. These flex fuel bikes will be able to run on 20% ethanol. India is preparing to rollout 20% ethanol blending fuel in select states next year. It is said that by the year 2025, Honda can also develop such engines which can also run on 100% ethanol.

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