Honda’s electric scooter Benly e glimpsed, may be launched soon

Electric vehicles are the new sensation. Electric two wheelers are even creating new sales records. Meanwhile, companies are working on their new models. Last year, Honda’s new electric scooter Honda Benly e was spotted with a red number plate. It was learned that the company is testing this vehicle. Now in a new report, the Honda Benly e has been spotted with a green number plate. This means that the vehicle is now out of test and ready for sale. However, it is not yet known whether it will come in the market as a passenger vehicle or will be launched as a commercial EV.

In the year 2019, this electric scooter was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show. It was then learned that the electric scooter targets pickup and delivery companies and logistics companies. It has twin battery architecture. Each battery size is of 0.99kWh capacity. Both the batteries are swappable. This feature cuts down on the time taken for charging of electric vehicles and saves people from the hassle of waiting unnecessarily.

According to reports, it was earlier reported that this electric scooter is being developed as a goods carrier. But if it is so, instead of green number plate, yellow number plate should be there. The presence of a green number plate indicates that the vehicle is meant for passengers.

The global variant of the Benly e electric scooter comes in 4 trims. These include the Benly e I, Benly e I Pro, Benly e II and the Benly e II Pro. The scooters can cover a maximum distance of 87 kms on a single charge with a top speed of 60 kmph. The company has not yet shared any information about this electric scooter, but it is being claimed that the testing of this scooter is being done for swappable battery technology. The company can use it in its first electric scooter.

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