Hooliganism in sports authority of india hostel Senior players beat junior with iron rod shocking

Jabalpur, Ranital Sai Sports Center of Jabalpur (sports authority of indiaA shocking news has come from . The players who came here to learn the game are committing hooliganism. They hostel He killed his junior player by beating him with an iron rod. The only reason is that the junior player plays well, so they started getting jealous of his talent. The accused senior players have been expelled from the hostel.

A minor karate player was mercilessly beaten up at the Ranital Sports Authority of India center in Jabalpur. It is alleged that the senior players brutally beat up the minor player only because they harbor ill will towards his sporting talent. A minor resident of Betul district is taking karate training at Jabalpur Sai Sports Club for the last one year.

jealous of junior player
In the past, on the occasion of his birthday, some players had a light fight with a minor in jest. At the same time, some senior players reached there and started attacking the minor with an iron rod. The player was beaten so brutally that he fainted. When the rest of the hostel got the news of the fight, they hurriedly got the victim admitted to the hospital. When the minor’s father came to know about this incident, he ran away from Betul district and reached Jabalpur. There it has been complained to the Sai officer and the police.

from your city (Jabalpur)

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

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Senior players removed from hostel
The father of the junior player alleges that some senior players have ill will towards his son. For this reason, he was mercilessly beaten up. However, after this incident, the officials of Sai Sports Club have taken action against the four senior players who assaulted them and thrown them out of the hostel. A letter has been written to the senior officials of the club for further and strict action. In this case, the father of the aggrieved player says that legal action should also be taken against the accused senior players so that in future any senior can even think of behaving like this with their juniors.

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