How Axar Patel became serious about his cricket career after his grand mother death fulfilled father promise india vs australia


Akshar Patel played amazing innings in Nagpur Test
The story of Akshar becoming a cricketer is very interesting
To fulfill an unfulfilled promise of his father, ‘Bapu’ became a cricketer

New Delhi. Akshar Patel is hitting every chance he gets in Test, ODI and T20 format. Even though he took only one wicket in the Nagpur Test against Australia. But, he had scored 84 runs in the first innings. Even though he could not score a century. But for the seventh wicket, an 88-run partnership with Ravindra Jadeja laid the foundation for the team’s victory. If Akshar plays Nagpur Test despite Ravindra Jadeja being in the team, it is enough to tell how much the team management has faith in him.

For Akshar Patel, the journey to reach Team India has been full of ups and downs. In the beginning, he used to play cricket just for fun. He was not very serious about cricket. But one incident shook him so much from inside that he again concentrated on cricket and showed his father by fulfilling an incomplete promise. Akshar revealed this incident on the Breakfast with Champions show. That incident has a big hand behind this all-rounder becoming a cricketer.

Grandma’s death shook me: Akshar
Akshar Patel had told in this show that because of being small in the house, grandmother loved him very much. She did not allow me to do any household work. My sister or other cousin used to do that work. She also used to say that it is very small. How will this work? That’s why I had a special relationship with him. Whenever I used to leave home for a match with a cricket kit, my grandmother used to ask me that now it will be seen on TV.

Akshar fulfills his father’s unfulfilled promise
This all-rounder further told in this interview, “I had played for the under-16 and state team till then. But he has to become a cricketer. It was not decided even at that time. Just played for fun. One such day I had gone to Gandhinagar for a match between Kheda and Gandhinagar. During that time my grandmother had a heart attack and she died. I was out of the house for the match so no one informed me. I could not attend his funeral. Later, when he reached home, the mother told that since the death of the grandmother, the father is silent and has not cried till now. When I went and met him, he started crying hugging me. Then he told me that I have not asked anything from you till date and will not say anything further. But my mother’s last wish was to see you playing cricket on TV.”

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‘My father cried even on my selection in Team India’
Referring to this incident, Akshar further said, “This incident shook me to the core. I could not sleep whole night. I had taken this resolution in the night itself that no matter what happens now, even if I play 1 match for India. But I will definitely play. I woke up in the morning and met my father and promised him that no matter what happens now. I will definitely play for India. Then even if there is only one match. I have seen father crying only twice. One was when my grandmother passed away and the other was when I got selected in Team India. Then I reminded him that father, I have fulfilled my promise to you. I am going to play for India.”

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