Huge increase in sales of electric rickshaws and three-wheelers, this company remained on top

The sale of electric vehicles in India is increasing rapidly. Passenger vehicles, two-wheelers and three-wheelers can be seen in the last one year. The electric mobility three-wheeler segment is growing rapidly due to the shift to green energy and incentives from the government.

FADA has also said that the three-wheeler market is witnessing a shift from internal combustion engines to electric, with 45 per cent of the three-wheeler market shifting to EVs. Rising petrol and diesel prices have also impacted their sales, while the 3W electric segment has received a further boost from services such as battery swapping and battery-as-a-service (BaaS). Here we are specifically telling you about electric three wheeler retail sales which increased by 1100 percent to 23,321 units in May 2022, which was more than 1,944 units sold in May 2021. This was also an 11 percent month-on-month growth over the 21,053 units sold in April 2022.

The biggest seller in the electric three wheeler segment was YC Electric, which sold 2,045 electric 3Ws last month. This was a growth of 1,103 per cent over the 170 units sold in May 2021, compared to 1,885 units sold in April 2022, an 8 per cent growth in retail sales month-on-month. YC Electric’s lineup includes Passenger, Deluxe, eLoader and YC.

At number 2 in terms of sales is Saera Electric, with retail sales of 1,367 units, up 1281 percent year-on-year as against 99 units sold in May 2021. This was also a 17 percent month-on-month growth from the 1,171 units sold in April 2022. It was followed by retail sales of Mahindra Reva at 1,073 units, an annual growth of 780 percent as against 122 units sold in May 2021.

Dilli Electric was at number four with sales of 1,019 units, showing a growth of 1823 percent, while Champion Poly Plast was at number five with sales of 940 units, a growth of 1467 percent. As against 813 units and 920 units sold in April 2022, the month-on-month growth stood at 25 per cent and 2 per cent. Mahindra’s electric 3W retail sales stood at 826 units last month. Last month sales of Unique International were 770 units and Mini Metro sales were 752 units.

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