Hungarian company Keeway launched 2 scooters and 1 motorcycle in India, will be booked for 10 thousand

Keeway has announced its entry into the Indian market with two scooters and a motorcycle. The names of the electric scooters are Vieste 300 and Sixties 300i and the name of the motorcycle is K-Light 250V. You will be surprised to know that the price of Keeway Sixties 300i and Vieste 300 is close to the price of Maruti Alto car in India. However, this scooter has a powerful engine, which has a capacity of 278cc. This scooter is capable of generating maximum power of 18.7 Hp and peak torque of 22 Nm. Let’s know everything about them.

Prices for the Keeway Sixties 300i and Vieste 300 in India start from Rs. 2.99 lakh (ex-showroom) and go up to Rs. 3.20 lakh (ex-showroom), depending on the color option. Whereas, the price of K-Light 250V is yet to be revealed. All three products have been officially launched by the company. Website 10,000 can be booked online through.

Talking about the specifications, both the Sixties 300i and Vieste 300 scooters get the same liquid cooled 278cc engine, which is a single cylinder / 4-stroke 4 valve engine. This engine is capable of generating maximum power of 18.7 Hp and peak torque of 22 Nm. There is a difference in the ground clearance of both. The Sixtys 300i gets 140mm of ground clearance, while the Vesti gets 135mm of ground clearance. At the same time, both get 10 liters and 12 liters of fuel tank respectively. Both the scooters come equipped with dual channel ABS.

There is a big difference in the design of both the scooters. Where on one hand Sixties 300i comes with classic retro style design. Whereas, the design of Vieste 300 is of maxi style.

On the other hand, talking about the Keeway K-Light 250V motorcycle, it gets a 249cc V-twin, air-cooled engine, which generates maximum power of 18.7 Hp like a scooter. Its special thing is that rear-wheel best drive system is available in this motorcycle. Its ground clearance is 160mm. The motorcycle gets a 20-litre tank and also comes with dual channel ABS.

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