Hyundai Santro converted into electric car with 90 km range, watch video

In India, many companies offer conversion kits to convert an ICE vehicle, especially a car, into an electric vehicle. However, Mihir Vardhan, an intelligent and skilled youth of the country has taken up the task of converting a Hyundai Santro car into electric with the help of his very small team. Vardhan also runs a YouTube channel where he shares ‘fun, simple and budget-friendly DIY robotics, science and technology videos’. He has explained in detail his entire journey of converting Hyundai Santro car to Electric on this channel.

Mihir Vardhan, who runs a YouTube channel called Making With Mihir, has shared the process of converting his Hyundai Santro into an Electric Vehicle (EV) on his channel. According to him, it took him three days to accomplish the feat. The surprising thing here is that on one hand the electric conversion kits available in the market come in almost half the price of a new electric car. At the same time, Mihir has shown his car by converting it for $ 3,000 (about Rs 2.4 lakh). However, long-term planning and many days of hard work cannot be ignored.

In the video he has explained the conversion process in detail. Instead of removing the entire engine, he removed only the upper half, called the cylinder head, and also removed the pistons. They say that leaving half the engine saves time, money and effort. After this Vardhan made an L shape motor mount and fixed it on top of the engine block. This reportedly retains the car’s power steering and air conditioning without any additional motors.

Vardhan has used a 6kW, 72V brushless DC electric motor (BLDC) in this car. Its battery pack is fixed in the boot, which is a 72V 100Ah Lithium Ferrophosphate (LFP) battery. The car can reportedly hit a top speed of 60 kmph and has a claimed range of 80-90 km on a single charge. It has also been claimed that the running cost of this car is Re 1 per kilometer.

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