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I am finished with Curtly Ambrose I have no respect for him Says Chris Gayle

New Delhi. A great war of words has broken out in Caribbean cricket ahead of the ICC T20 World Cup, in which the usefulness of Chris Gayle in the West Indies team remains a matter of discussion. In such a situation, Chris Gayle hit back at his opponents, especially Curtly Ambrose. Gayle said that while giving a statement on Ambrose, he said that he is doing this to attract attention. Curtly Ambrose had said that the experienced opener is not an automatic choice in West Indies’ playing XI for the World Cup. To this Chris Gayle said on radio station The Island Tea Morning Show, “I can tell you personally and you can tell them that Chris Gayle ‘The Universe Boss’ has no respect for Curtly Ambrose. Whatever they may be.”

Chris Gayle said, “I am talking about Curtly Ambrose. I’m choosing Curtly Ambrose, who is one of you. When I came to the West Indies team, I had a lot of respect for him. When I joined the team, I looked at this man with respect, but I am speaking from my heart now. I don’t know what happened in his mind against Chris Gayle ever since he retired? The negative things he is saying to the press, I don’t know if he wants to attract attention, but he is attracting attention. So I’m just giving back the attention they need.”

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When contacted, the former West Indies fast bowler said that he needs time to reply. Ambrose told Cricbuzz, “I will answer, but I want to absorb what he said. Will bring my thoughts together and I’ll message you when I’m ready to respond.” At the same time, Gayle further said, “I was all over with Curtly Ambrose. I have no respect for them anymore. Whenever I meet him, I will do the same to him. Stop being negative, support the team before the World Cup. This team has been selected and we need former players to lend our support. We need it, we don’t need negative energy. Other teams are supported by their former players, why can’t our own support us in such a big tournament?”

He said, “We have won the tournament twice and we will go for the third title. The team has seen what is happening. It’s going to make an impact on the team. If former players remain negative like this, then I will not be able to show respect to Chris Gayle ‘The Universe Boss’. I will disrespect him on his face too. In the media too. I will not take anything from any senior player. Curtly Ambrose gear up, okay? Support for West Indies, right? Support West Indies, that’s the point.”

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Gayle’s remarks were in response to Ambrose’s remarks on a Barbados radio station a few days earlier. Ambrose had said, “Chris Gayle is not a choice for me in the West Indies playing XI for the World Cup. Just played some home series (West Indies), they didn’t matter and I have said before that if he doesn’t do well in those home series then he shouldn’t go for World Cup. Although he will be in the World Cup, but for me he is definitely not the pick of the playing XI in the beginning… He could be disastrous if he continues his form, but he hasn’t done much in the last 18 months . So I don’t think he is fit for the World Cup.”

Chris Gayle has not been in the best form for some time now. He did not participate in any Punjab Kings match in the UAE leg of the IPL. He cited bio-bubble fatigue and exited Punjab’s bio-bubble before Punjab Kings could even finish his campaign. West Indies are the two-time defending champions of the tournament starting from October 17. West Indies, who have qualified for the second round (Super 12), will play their first match against England on 23 October.

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