‘I am not what you think’, know why 4-time Olympic champion Farah said this?

London. Four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah has revealed that she was brought to the UK illegally from Djibouti under the name of another child. “The truth is I am not who you think I am,” Farrah, 39, said in the BBC documentary ‘The Real Mo Farrah’. Farah, who became Britain’s first track and field athlete to win four Olympic gold medals, said his children inspired him to tell the truth about his past.

Farah told the BBC, “The real story is that I was born Hussein Abdi Kahin in Somaliland, in the north of Somalia. Despite what I may have said in the past, my parents have never lived in the UK. My father was killed in the Civil War when I was four, which tore us apart as a family. I was separated from my mother and brought to the UK illegally, along with another child in the name of Mohammad Farah.

Came to Britain with another child’s name: Farah
Farah said he thought he was going to Europe to live with relatives and recalled how at the age of nine he went through passport checks in the UK and arrived there traveling with a woman he had not known before. Didn’t know from The athlete also visited the house in West London where he lived as a child. Farah said that she does not have good memories of that house as she was not considered a part of the family.

Farah got UK citizenship in the year 2000
Farah eventually told the truth to her teacher, Ellen Watkinson, and lived with her friend’s mother, who took care of her. Farah stayed with him for seven years. Watkinson eventually applied for Farah’s UK citizenship in what he described as a “long process”. Farah got British citizenship in 2000.

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