I have never seen any country where the majority of the population is so scared… why did Venkatesh Prasad say this?

New Delhi. Venkatesh Kumar, who was the bowling coach of former cricketer Team India, is in discussion about his comments on social media these days. He has tweeted in the last three days, from the Prophet controversy to the bowling of Amir Sohail in the World Cup. The Indian cricketer has expressed grief over the Prophet controversy and the manner in which it is being performed after that. Venkatesh even went so far as to say that he had never seen a country where the majority of the population felt so scared.

Venkatesh Prasad’s latest tweets began with a picture of Nupur Sharma hanging an effigy. Venkatesh tweeted this picture and said, ‘This is a picture of Nupur Sharma’s effigy hanging in Karnataka. Can’t believe this is 21st century India. I would appeal to everyone to put politics aside for some time and use your discretion. It is too much.’

This tweet of Venkatesh Prasad went viral. Some people supported him and some opposed him. He started getting various kinds of advice. In response to one such tweet, Venkatesh Prasad wrote, ‘Never do two wrongs make one right together. But I don’t know any country where the majority of the population is so scared. Everyone needs protection. Brainwash needs to stop. Tolerance does not come from one side, it comes from both sides.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : June 13, 2022, 15:22 IST

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