I love you Mahi, you have to come… Before the birthday, Jabra fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni wrote a letter in blood

Ravi Paik / Bhilwara. The most successful cricket captain and the one who rules the hearts of the whole of India, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the whole country is crazy about him. But there is a young man from Bhilwara city who has a different passion for Dhoni. Vijesh Kumar of Bhilwara has been seen to be very crazy about Dhoni. Be that as it may, Dhoni not only got India the World Cup, but many records are in his name.

Keeping this in mind, this youth of Bhilwara has announced to organize a competition named Happy Birthday World Cup on Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s birthday, July 7. The special thing in this is that Vijesh Kumar wrote an invitation letter with his own blood. In which he wrote I love you Mahi, you have to come to the competition being organized in Bhilwara.

Letter sent to Dhoni
Such an invitation has been sent to Mahendra Singh Dhoni. By the way Dhoni has millions of such fans. But this is the only fan from Bhilwara district who has sent an invitation letter written in his blood to a big personality. Happy Birthday World Cup competition will be organized at total 5 places of Bhilwara, 12 teams will participate in it. The winning team will be given a cash prize of Rs 31,000.

crazy about mahi
Vijesh Kumar said, ‘I am a big fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. I have been watching him playing cricket since my childhood. It is because of him that I have become a cricketer today and what he has done for the country is commendable. So I have thought of doing something special for his birthday. Despite coming from a middle class family, I have prepared for organizing this competition by saving every single rupee. I have also named this competition as Happy Birthday World Cup. In this competition, 5 matches will be organized in total 5 places and 12 teams will participate in it. For which the registration will be done till 1st July. In the competition, the winning team will be given a cash prize of Rs 31,000 and the runner-up team will be given Rs 16,000.


FIRST PUBLISHED : June 25, 2023

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