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T20 World Cup 2022: IPL 2022 is now slowly moving towards the end. This year, the eyes of the selectors will be on the IPL as the Indian team for the upcoming T20 World Cup will also have to be prepared from this league itself. Team India is going to be very different from last time in this year’s World Cup. Especially this year, cricket fans may not be seen opening KL Rahul with captain Rohit Sharma.

This player can open with Rohit

Indian captain Rohit Sharma and former captain Virat Kohli may not be in great rhythm in the current season of IPL, but in the T20 World Cup, these players are going to be the hope of Team India once again. At the same time, KL Rahul, who has been opening for a long time, is again seen batting in the middle order as veteran batsman Shikhar Dhawan is running in a great rhythm. With Dhawan opening the innings, there will also be a choice of right- and left-handed batsmen in the top order.

Rohit-Kohli’s form a matter of concern

The IPL definitely reflects the current form of all the players, but the national selection committee headed by Chetan Sharma, however, is not too concerned about this issue. In this case, there can definitely be a discussion about the batting order of Rohit, Rahul and Kohli. The style of play of these three batsmen at the beginning of the innings is almost the same and in the last T20 World Cup, the team had to bear the brunt. These three batsmen like to play cautiously in the beginning of the innings and then take an aggressive approach.

Team changes needed

However, Rohit has changed his style and has been trying to hit big shots from the beginning of the innings. However, they have not got much success in this yet. In 9 matches of IPL, he has scored 155 runs at a strike rate of 123. The situation of Kohli, which has been in a bad rhythm for a long time, is more worrying in this matter. He has scored 186 runs in 10 matches at a strike rate of 116, which is in stark contrast to his reputation.

Rahul in great form

Rahul, the captain of Lucknow Super Giants, is in fine form but he has been playing very cautiously in the beginning of the innings for his team. He seems to avoid playing big shots in the powerplay. Talking about the performance of the first 6 overs of Powerplay, Rahul has scored 141 runs in 126 balls in 10 matches, in which 55 have been dot balls. During this his strike rate has been 111.90. In this case, however, Rohit’s strike rate has been slightly better. He has scored 136 runs in 104 balls in the powerplay in 9 matches. Kohli got a chance to play in 7 matches in the powerplay, where he scored 61 runs in 55 balls. During this he played 16 dot balls. These figures show that all three are finding it difficult to play big shots as soon as they hit the crease in the powerplay.

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