IBM Sues Former Employee Thailand Demand Rs 3.7 Crore Bonus Filed Case After Joins Rival Accenture Details

IBM Corp. has asked one of its former officers to return $ 4.70 lakh (about Rs 3.9 crore) as bonus. The company has also filed a case in the court in New York, US against the woman officer who quit as General Manager in Thailand branch. The company has claimed that this former executive has violated IBM’s contract by taking a job with its rival company.

ET’s Report According to reports, IBM has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court against Patama Chantaruck, the former general manager of its Thailand branch. Company Patama has been accused of taking jobs in IBM’s rival company Accenture. IBM contracts has been violated. In such a situation, the company has asked Patama to deposit the USD 4.70 lakh received as bonus.

The report states that IBM says that Patama refused to pay the bonus, after which the company filed this lawsuit against Patama in the Federal Court of New York. Patama joined Accenture in a senior position. IBM also reported that Accenture is IBM’s largest competitor in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of consulting revenue.

IBM’s lawyers said in the complaint that the IBM and Accenture entities compete globally and in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the information, digitalization and consulting space.

Patama, who joined IBM in 2018, resigned last year and a month later joined Accenture as managing director of Thailand in April 2022, says the suit filed by the company. IBM has reportedly claimed in court that the company paid him a bonus of more than $470,000 to protect the company’s confidential information and that after joining Accenture, IBM has the right to cancel his bonus.

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