ICC Banned bangladesh bowler Shohidul Islam for doping | ICC banned this star bowler, found guilty of a major crime

Shohidul Islam Banned: Bangladesh fast bowler Shohidul Islam has been found guilty of violating Article 2.1 of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Anti-Doping Code, following which cricket has been suspended from all activities for 10 months.

Bangladesh bowler banned

Shohidul had a sepal conducted on March 4, 2022 in Dhaka as part of the ICC’s out-of-competition testing program, which was found to contain clomiphene. Clomiphene is classified as a specified substance under WADA’s Prohibited List and is prohibited both in competition and out of competition.

punishment for doping

Taking the decision of suspension, the ICC has confirmed that Shohidul had inadvertently consumed the prohibited substance. The ICC said in a statement, “In making the decision, the ICC acknowledged that Shohidul had shown no material error or negligence, inadvertently consuming a prohibited substance, which was contained in a drug that he was legally medically liable for.” The reasons were determined. He further said, ‘Shohidul was able to satisfy the ICC that he had no intention of enhancing his playing performance by using banned substances.’

Will not be able to play cricket for 10 months

The 27-year-old pacer admitted the violation and accepted a 10-month suspension. Therefore he will be eligible to return to cricket on 28 March 2023. Shohidul played a lone T20I match for Bangladesh in which he took the wicket of Mohammad Rizwan in the third and final match of the series, which Pakistan won 3–0.

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