ICC changed the rule due to which Team India got a big blow in WTC Final, know what will happen on the mistake now?

New Delhi. Team India suffered another setback after losing to Australia in the final of the World Test Championship under ICC’s slow over rate rules. Due to the slow over rate, where Team India was fined 100 percent of the match fee, 80 percent of Australia’s match fee was deducted. India could not even play 80 overs in both the innings of the final at the Oval. However, now no team will be fined 100 percent of the match fee. The ICC has changed this rule and it has also come into force from the Test series between Australia and England that started on 16 June.

This important decision related to the change in punishment for slow over rate has been taken in the annual meeting of the ICC being held in Durban, South Africa. This will give great relief to the players and their pocket will also be reduced. The ICC has made it clear in the press release that the World Test Championship points which were deducted due to slow over rate, will continue as before. But necessary changes have been made in the rule of deducting the match fees of the players.

After the amendment in the rule related to slow over rate, there will be a reduction of 5 percent in the match fee for every over. That is, if one over is bowled late than the scheduled time, then 5 percent of the match fee will be deducted, which was 10 percent till now. Not only this, the maximum penalty limit has been reduced from 100 per cent to 50 per cent. Due to the slow over rate in the World Test Championship final, 100 percent match fees of all the players of Team India were deducted. Now only a maximum of 50 per cent of the match fee can be fined.

If a team is all out before 80 overs and the new ball is not due, then in that case no penalty will be imposed for slow over rate. Then no matter how late it may have been.

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