ICC ODI Rankings: India lags behind Pakistan, Afghanistan’s big jump


Pakistan team reached second place in ODI rankings
Indian cricket team lost one place
Afghanistan cricket team did a blast

New Delhi. The Indian cricket team has now had to bear the brunt of the defeat against Australia in the ICC ODI rankings. In the latest rankings released by the ICC on Thursday, Team India has slipped a notch to reach number three. On the other hand, Afghanistan has done a lot of upheaval. The Afghan team has left Sri Lanka and West Indies behind. Australia defeated Team India 2-1 in the ODI series at its home this year. Team India had to bear the loss of the defeat in that series in the annual ODI rankings.

After the annual update of the rankings, 5-time world champion Australia has improved its rating by five points. The team now has 118 rating points. Pakistan is second with 116 rating points and India is third with 115 rating points. According to the ICC release, ‘Before the annual update, Australia was on top with 113 points and India was second in decimal difference. Pakistan were in third place with 112 points but after winning the fourth ODI of the five-match series against New Zealand, they were on top for a while.

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Pakistan team lost number one position in 48 hours
Had Pakistan won the fifth ODI, it would have remained at the top of the table but New Zealand prevented them from sweeping the table by winning the match. All ODI series completed since May 2020 have been included in the ICC annual rankings. In this, 50 marks per cent have been given for the series completed before May 2022 while all the series after that have been given 100 marks per cent.

Afghanistan reached eighth place
The ICC said, “This means that Pakistan’s 0-4 defeat against England has been removed from this ranking, while the 0-3 defeat against the same team in 2021 will only count for 50 percent rating points.” Came. India had to bear the brunt of the 1-2 defeat against Australia in this ranking. New Zealand (104) is fourth in this ranking while England is fifth with a loss of 10 rating points. He has 101 rating points to his name. Afghanistan made a big jump to eighth place, overtaking Sri Lanka (ninth place) and West Indies (10th place). South Africa is sixth and Bangladesh is seventh. ODI World Cup is to be held in India in October-November this year. Many ODIs will be played before that. In such a situation, there can be a big change in the ranking in the coming days.

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