ICC’s 2 rules will apply in T20 leagues, steps to stop arbitrariness, how much impact will it have on IPL

New Delhi. Currently T20 is the most popular format of cricket. Since the hit of the Indian Premier League, T20 leagues have started in almost every country. These leagues are being called a threat to international cricket. Cricketers are playing in the leagues of more and more countries and the news of leaving international cricket is coming to the fore.

The International Cricket Council has prepared to take some tough steps due to the growing number of T20 leagues around the world. Some rules have been made to save international cricket from the flood of T20 leagues. Recently, the news of England’s Jason Roy leaving the contract of the national team due to the T20 league to be held in America came to the fore. Most of the players of the West Indies cricket team play in foreign leagues. The news of taking the name from the national contract keeps coming to the fore.

According to the report of the British newspaper The Telegraph, the ICC can now come out with major changes in the next few months regarding the foreign T20 league. The ICC will now implement the rule of a maximum of four players in the playing XI for T20 leagues played in any country. According to the information, these four foreign players will be from full-time member teams of ICC. It will not be considered applicable to players from Associate countries. With this rule, players from these countries will get more opportunities to play.

In many foreign leagues, more than 4 players are included in the playing eleven. In the recently launched UAE International League T20, 9 foreign players have been allowed to be included in the playing XI. In Major League Cricket played in America, six players can be included in the playing eleven.

T20 league organizers will give money to the cricket board

According to the new ICC rule, the cricket board organizing the T20 league will now have to pay money to the cricket board whose players will play. All T20 leagues will also have to pay 10 percent of the amount received by each player to the cricket board. This can become a source of income for the low earning cricket board. This will help them for the betterment of players and cricket.

IPL will not be affected

In the Indian Premier League, since the first season of 2008, there is a rule to include a maximum of 4 players in the playing XI. In such a situation, the first rule will not affect the tournament in any way. Talking about the second rule, very few foreign teams are playing in the window in which IPL is conducted. So here also there is not going to be much difference from the rules.

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