ICC’s sword on America, hosting the T20 World Cup snatched! Tournament will be held in this country

New Delhi. After organizing the T20 World Cup in Australia in the year 2022, now the next tournament in the shortest format of the game is to be held in 2024. According to the already decided schedule, West Indies and America have been jointly assigned to host it. It has been told in the report of News-18 English that the hosting of this T20 World Cup has been snatched from America. It is believed that now the entire World Cup will be organized only in the West Indies.

It was told in the report that an official statement has been sought through e-mail regarding snatching the hosting of T20 World Cup from America. However, no response has come from him yet. In April 2022, it was informed by the ICC that West Indies and America’s team have directly qualified for the 2024 World Cup. This is because both these are host countries. Now after snatching the hosting from America, it is believed that his exit from the tournament is also certain.

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America has the status of Associate country of ICC. However, when it comes to the culture of cricket, America is far behind in this matter. Getting the hosting of the T20 World Cup was considered a big victory for America. However, it is not yet clear for what reasons the ICC is withdrawing the hosting of the T20 World Cup from USA.

Let us tell you that the 2022 World Cup was won by the England team. The team that won the T20 World Cup twice like the West Indies was also out of the first round. Team India traveled till the semi-finals but after the defeat at the hands of England, India was out.

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