If you are searching for online job, then know about the fraud with this woman.

There have been cases of fraud by promising jobs, but online fraud is becoming a new challenge. A woman from Delhi got trapped in this. She had got a job opportunity in a well-known e-commerce company, but by clicking on a link, the woman lost Rs 4 lakh. It has been told in the media reports that in this fraud, a woman looking for a job was targeted. They were sent a link promising a job. This link was sent via SMS. As soon as the woman clicked on the URL, her device got hacked. After this, Rs 4 lakh was withdrawn from the woman’s account.

being told That in this case two people have been arrested from Shakarpur in East Delhi and from Noida.

4,00,000 Rs. While looking for online jobs, the fraudsters sent him a URL via SMS and was asked to click on it. that does it! Soon after, he found that his device had been hacked and an amount of ₹4 lakh had been debited from his account. Fortunately, the police have arrested two people from East Delhi’s Shakarpur and Noida in connection with the incident. Four other accused are absconding. Read on to learn how this online job scam works and how you can protect yourself.

According to a report, the woman was offered a job in a well-known e-commerce company. The woman was told to click on a link sent via SMS. According to the police, the woman clicked on the link, after which the money was withdrawn from her account. It is not yet known whether the woman entered any data after clicking on the link or the device was hacked before that.

It is believed that this could be an incident of phishing, in which the woman has filled her personal details and her device has been hacked. There is also a speculation that this may have happened due to some malware, which gets installed in the device by clicking on the link. The accused have disclosed that they used to generate the link and send it to the needy people. As soon as the victim’s link was clicked, the mobile was hacked and OTP was seen.

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