If you call or message on a holiday, you will be fined Rs 1 lakh! Dream 11 company’s new policy

Often people like to spend their day completely free from work on the day of office holiday. Everyone has to enjoy the holiday after working for a whole week, so no one likes the disturbance related to work on that day. But many times it is seen that work-related emails, messages or calls are received even on holidays. But a company has implemented strict rules for this. According to which, if a senior employee sends a message or email on behalf of the company to another employee, then the company will impose a heavy fine on him.

Fantasy sports platform Dream 11 has announced a new policy, according to which no message or email will be sent to any employee on holiday. If another employee sends any such message or email to an employee, he will be fined Rs 1 lakh. The company has named it Unplug Policy. That means being completely unplugged from work. Mentioning this, the company official website But career Also done in section.

This new policy of the company ensures that the employees can enjoy their leave to the fullest. If there is any disturbance from the side of the company in his pleasure, then he will have to pay a fine of Rs 1 lakh for this. of our partner website Report According to the company, this policy will help the employees of the company to enjoy their holidays in a better way. The company has also posted on its LinkedIn account announcing the Dream 11 Unplug policy.

In its post the company has said that they log off the Dreamster in Dream 11 which is unplugged. Through this policy, they ensure that no one from the working ecosystem contacts the Dreamster while he is enjoying his vacation. Obviously, after the introduction of this policy, the employees of the company are very happy. Because after working for a week, every person wants a day of peace in which he does not want any kind of hindrance. The company is trying to fulfill this desire of the employees through this policy.

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