If you see MS Dhoni’s farm house, then the eyes will be open, these facilities will surprise

Team India: MS Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, has been at the pinnacle of both success and popularity. Let us tell you that the captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who has won two World Cups to India, has a great farm house in Ranchi. The name of this farm house of Dhoni is ‘Kailashpati’. Dhoni’s farm house in Ranchi is spread over seven acres. This farm house of MS Dhoni has facilities like swimming pool to indoor stadium and gym.

This farm house of Dhoni is very beautiful

This farm house of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is so beautiful that no one can live without being impressed by it. This farm house is only 20 minutes drive from Dhoni’s first house on Harmu Road. Earlier, Dhoni spent his childhood in small rooms in Macon Colony.

All the cricketers have enjoyed the beauty

Dhoni, often spends his free time in this farm house. Almost all the cricketers of Team India have come to this farm house and have enjoyed its beauty.

Dhoni’s farm house is built on the Ring Road of Ranchi.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the most popular player in the country. Dhoni is still the best selling brand in the world of advertising. Dhoni’s ‘Kailashpati Farm House’ is built on the Ring Road of Ranchi.

Indoor Stadium at Farm House

It took three years to build this grand farm house. Dhoni’s love for greenery is also visible in this Fa House. Everything is grand and royal in ‘Kailashpati’. This farm house is indoor stadium, swimming pool, net practicing ground, ultra modern gym.

Lots of Modern Amenities

After achieving success in Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s cricket career, he left this house and bought a three-storey house on Harmu Road in 2009. Dhoni stayed here for almost 8 years. In 2017, he shifted to Kailashpati Farm House. Greenery is seen everywhere in this farm house of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Ranchi. Different types of trees and plants are planted in the whole farm house. Wood and marble are used with great elegance in this farm house. Dhoni also has a parking lot in this farm house, where he has a collection of cars and bikes of his choice.

beautiful furnishings

Beautiful furnishing has been used in this entire farm house. The different shades of cream color, soft yellow and gray used in the farm house give it a western look.

Dhoni trains pets at the farm house

Dhoni’s favorite pets (dogs) are seen in the lawn of this farm house. Dhoni also trains these pets in this farm house. Dhoni has also shared videos many times while training his dogs.

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