IIT Kharagpur students get salary packages ranging from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 2.64 crore!

The placement session for 2021-2022 at IIT Kharagpur is over. With this phase, the college has received around 1600 job offers and around 900 internships. The institute has said in a statement that the biggest salary package offered in the college is Rs 2.64 crore. Out of the total job offers received, there are 48 offers in which annual salary package ranging from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 2.64 crore has been given to the students.

IIT Kharagpur has announced the end of the placement phase for 2022. In this year’s placement drive, the institute has got the highest salary package of Rs 2.64 crore. The placement phase started with 500 pre placement offers which grew to over 1000 offers the very next day. PTI’s Report According to the institute has said this in a statement. The college has received more than 1600 offers, out of which 48 offers ranged from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 2.64 crore. It has also been told that about 900 offers have been received for the students for internship.

This time more than 300 companies had participated in IIT Kharagpur. These included high frequency trading, banking, software, analytics, consultancy and several core engineering firms. Apart from this, students have also received 45 job offers from international companies. Of these, 28 offers were received from Japan, 9 offers from Taiwan and 3 job offers from the US. At the same time, 2 offers have been received from Singapore. 3 International offers have been received from other countries.

recently IIT DelhiIn Bombay and IIT Mandi, good job offers were also given to the students. IIT Mandi Students got 249 job offers in the placement drive at K Campus. 88 companies had participated in these. This time there were 50 percent more job offers in the campus. Foreign companies also participated in the recruitment drive, including Denso, Nohara Holdings Inc., Rakuten, Accenture Japan.

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