Imran Khan revealed the secret of his personal life, wife was left speechless, marriage lasted only a few months


Imran did second marriage to Reham Khan
Reham had made many revelations about the former PM

New Delhi. When former Pakistan PM Imran Khan was at the height of his cricket career, his name was linked to many Bollywood actresses and famous faces of England. After the court decision, he had given the status of a daughter to one child, but was surprised when he told his second wife that he was not the only such child. Reham Khan, a TV journalist, was married to Tehreek-e-Insaf Party chief Imran Khan in the year 2015. However, both of them separated in just a few months. The reason, the dark truth of Imran.

Reham Khan has written in her autobiography that within just a few weeks of marriage, we were talking about Tirian i.e. Imran Khan’s daughter with his English girlfriend. According to Reham, Imran casually said that you know she is not the only one who is mine. There are five that I know of. Reham was surprised to hear this. However, she wanted to ask everything by scratching. Just like Imran Khan used to read the batsman’s mind while bowling.

Himself raised the veil from the secret
According to the autobiography, when Reham asked Imran Khan how did you know about your illegitimate children, the former PM of Pakistan said that their mothers told me. Reham felt that all are foreigners? When he questioned on this, Imran said, there are some Indians too and the eldest son is now 34 years old.

Rohit’s bestie did such a thing against RCB, the umpire got upset, everyone was surprised from the commentary box to the stadium

Tyrian White got the status of a daughter from the court, but why didn’t the mother of that 34-year-old boy come forward like Sita White to give rights to her son? On this Imran told that she was married. After getting pregnant she thanked me and I said ok. The rest of the children are like this. Please tell that Imran Khan was arrested from Islamabad High Court on Tuesday. This action has been taken in the Al Qadir University Trust scam case. After the arrest of Imran Khan, there has been an uproar all over Pakistan.

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