Imran Khan told a lie, did not sweat his heart, know how the secret daughter came in front of the world?


Imran had an affair with the daughter of an English industrialist
Former Pakistan captain was in relationship for 3 years

New Delhi. After achieving the biggest milestone for Pakistan in cricket, Imran Khan stepped into the politics of the country and from here his troubles started. Secrets started opening up. The stories of Ranginis were no longer just gossip, but were officially coming to the fore. Talking as a cricketer, Imran has been unmatched. Imran, who took 362 wickets in 88 Tests, also scored 3807 runs at an average of 37. He was counted among the best all-rounders in the world.

When Imran Khan’s career was in full swing, his name was linked with many women from Bollywood actresses to England. It cannot be said how many of these cases were true or mere rumours, but everything is clear about at least one. It is about 1987-88. Imran Khan was also called Playboy by the British media then. During this period, Imran Khan met Sita White, daughter of English industrialist Gordon White, in a night club. Dilfenk Imran’s affair with Sita lasted for more than three years. Meanwhile, Sita White became pregnant.

In 1992, Sita White gave birth to a baby girl. He was named Tyrion Waite. Sita White kept quiet about who Tyrion’s father was for almost three years. Here, Imran also did not say anything about this. Imran did not even tell anything about this to Ivo Tennant, who wrote his biography. The former Pakistan captain told Tennant that he knew Lord Gordon, but did not mention Sita.

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When this secret was exposed in 1995, Imran was already married to Jemima Gold Smith. When Tirian’s information came to light, Imran dismissed it as a baseless allegation, but Sita White filed a lawsuit in a California court. In this case, Imran had refused to get the DNA test done. In 1997, the California court ruled that Imran was Tyrion White’s father. Please tell that Imran Khan was arrested from Islamabad High Court on Tuesday. This action has been taken in the Al Qadir University Trust scam case. After the arrest of Imran Khan, there has been an uproar all over Pakistan.

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