Imran Khan was afraid of Team India’s batter, gave such punishment to Pakistani player, did not make the same mistake again


Imran used to taunt his players by taking the name of Indian batsman
Pakistani players used to stop speaking in front of the captain

New Delhi. Apart from his game, Imran Khan, who won the ODI World Cup to Pakistan, was also known for taking tough decisions and surprising people. Not only the Pakistan Cricket Board, team staff but fellow players were also taken aback by his decisions. One such incident was mentioned by former PCB chairman Rameez Raja, when he became a victim of Imran’s anger and was punished severely.

According to Rameez Raja, I was batting in a match against India. Had spent some time on the pitch, but till then the feet could not get comfortable according to the pitch and India’s bowling attack. The result was that I got out on one ball. Imran Khan became very angry with this. The reprimand that came at that time, when India’s batting came, the captain asked me to field at forward short leg. I was not ready for this, but to whom was Khan Sahib going to listen? Well, when I started preparing, he said in his heavy voice, while fielding, watch carefully how to bat to become like Sunil Gavaskar. How to walk the feet.

‘We used to respect each other’
According to Rameez Raja, Sunil Gavaskar and Imran Khan had a deep friendship. Both were big fans of each other’s cricket. Imran used to tell his bowlers clearly that I want Gavaskar’s wicket soon, in any case.

Not only Imran Khan, his forefathers were also ‘traitors’, along with the captain had created a rift in Team India

But when the little master would stay at the crease, till his batting was over, Imran Khan would taunt the entire team’s batsmen, see, this is called batting. Keep watching Gavaskar closely and keep learning. Let us inform that former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan was arrested on Tuesday in the corruption case. The court on Wednesday gave its decision to send Imran Khan on remand for eight days. After the arrest of Imran, the situation in Pakistan has become uncontrollable.

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