Imran Khan was ill, watching local matches lying on the bed, found such a bowler who played the band of batsmen


Local match gave great bowler to Pakistan
Imran Khan had discovered this great bowler

New Delhi: There are many such cricketers around the world who have struggled a lot in their life and have been successful in making a place in the national team. Many cricketers came to the national team after playing local matches. A similar story is of some great Pakistani cricketer Waqar Yunus. Which was found by Imran Khan lying on the bed. Imran Khan once shared the whole story during a stage show.

Imran said during the show, ‘Once I had food poisoning. I was lying on the bed. I thought let’s watch TV so I thought let’s watch a match. In those days a channel used to come on PTB. So by chance they were showing some local match. When I saw the match, I saw that someone was bowling very fast.

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Imran Khan further said, ‘When the match was over, I found out who is this bowler. No one knew who it was. With great difficulty we traced him and came to know that he was Waqar Yunus. I am telling you the facts. You don’t understand this.

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Waqar Yunus was one of the most dangerous bowlers of his time. He had stopped talking about good batsmen. His career was great. He played more than 300 matches for Pakistan. He played 87 matches in Tests and took 373 wickets in his name. In the same ODI career, he took 416 wickets in 262 matches.

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