In times of recession, this global IT company gifted a Mercedes car to the employee!

While tech companies across the world are laying off their employees, a global tech firm in Kerala has gifted a Mercedes car to one of its employees on the contrary. The company says that their employee has been very honest, hardworking and dedicated to the company. To honor these qualities of his, he is being given a luxury car Mercedes Benz as a gift. The company has described it as its first employee since the inception of this tech firm.

Even in times of recession, from all over the world lay off The news is coming, and thousands of people are losing their jobs, but in such difficult times, a tech firm has given a heart-warming gift to its employee. UNI’s Report According to Koratty Infopark’s firm Webandcrafts, a global IT solution provider, has given its oldest employee a luxury Mercedes Benz car is gifted. The company has said that since the company came into existence in 2012, an employee named Clint Antony has been the most honest, hardworking and dedicated employee of this company.

Clint Antony is working as the Chief Executive Officer of the company ie CEO. He is widely recognized for his contribution to the growth and success of the company. The company’s management team says that they chose Antony very carefully. He has worked hard for the company in the last 10 years and his performance is unmatched. According to the company, when it started in 2012, only 4 people were working in it. And today, the company has 300 employees.

As mentioned earlier, Webandcrafts provides IT related solutions globally which include things like custom mobility solutions, e-commerce development, web & mobile applications and dynamic digital marketing strategies. But, at a time when, around the world Google, Amazon, Tech companies like Microsoft are laying off thousands of employees, in such a situation, taking such a step of this company is a relief step for many people and can prove to be rekindling the trust of the people in the companies.

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